A Pokemon Expert


My name is Kwame, and I'm a teenager.
I'd be a Snorlax if I could.
I have my slow moments...
But hey, I'm pretty smart (if I do say so myself).
Blue is my favorite color,
and I really enjoy sleeping in ^^

I mainly blog about Pokemon;
I've spent more than a thousand of my life's hours on them >_>"
But I'll post about Naruto every once in a while, too.

Pokemon battles? You can always ask :)
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Also, If I follow you, I don't find it rude or impolite to not follow me back.

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Seafoam Islands

It’s beautiful.

I always see these gigantic beings fly past me when I mow the lawn. The only thing different from this and the ones in my backyard are the colors (most likely due to climate/habitat). 

Whenever I see one I’m like, “Oh! A yanmega” *watches it fly away*

Cup O’ Ditto

#pokemon  #ditto